Guided Tours

A walk through Berlin TXL's layers of history

The guided tour offers an opportunity to discover Berlin TXL from a new perspective and explore the unknown. The walk takes you past iconic architecture and opens up a thrilling panoramic view of the airfield. On the way, the historic and architectural significance of the monument and its dialogue with the planned future use of the site as a centre of innovation is presented.


We are delighted to welcome everyone to the site of Berlin TXL. In our Infocenter, all those interested can gain insights into the world of planning and development that surrounds the projects for the site’s future use.

Event space & hire

The Infocenter is available to hire for events. Thanks to its open layout the venue is suitable for a wide range of uses, and features modern design and smart technology.

Visualization of the finished project area - © Macina/ Tegel Projekt GmbH